Friday, July 17, 2015

Announcing: Animals of the Americas

Hello and welcome to this blog's first special event: Animals of the Americas! If you guessed from the hint I gave you guys that this was a american event you are right! Each week I will choose a american animal to write a post about. This does not include canadian animals since canada is it's own country/state. Look forward to it because tomorrow I will send out a post on the osprey!
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Palm oil problems part 2

In the past Indonesia has paid huge amounts of cash to save it's forests from deforestation. Now however things have gotten more serious. In 2010, 5 years ago, Norway promised Indonesia $1 billion in the help to fight. The following year Yudhoyono (which must be in Indonesia as the dictionary refuses to decipher it) pledged to reduce it's greenhouse gas by 41% with the help of international aid and a few years. Late August, heavy fines in Singapore were given out to any companies that evoked the deforestation fires. The fines were $2 million worth and could be imposed on foreign and local firms. After all the years of stalling Indonesia were the last of 10 countries to sign a treaty hoping to greatly reduce smoke content.
Perhaps under inspiration, soon afterwards 150 companies and the U.N. New York Climate Summit pledged under the forces to half the world deforestation by 2020 and eliminate it by 2030. Among these 150 companies were McDonald's, Nestle and Gamble (I do not know what Gamble does but it must be pretty famous).
Days after taking office, Joko Widodo, Indonesia's new president proposed to merge the countries Ministry of Forestry and Ministry of Environment. This was in hope to help elevate the countries ambitious forest protection plans.
But even numerous companies in one massive team are small compared the giant weed of palm oil production. Even if we want desperately to uproot this plague we have to admit-palm oil is very useful in certain ways. The crop is a fast growing tree compared to most others which could take hundreds of years to fully mature. This probably explains in a simple nut shell why the palm oil industry is so wide margined. 2013 the world used up 55 million metric tons of palm oil. This is 4 times more than what it used 20 years before. It is the worlds most common food oil. During 1985 Indonesia had under 2,500 square miles worth of palm oil. This had risen to 21,621 square miles. The government estimate that by 2025 palm oil will cover 100,000 square miles at the very least. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015


I am very sorry if you are disappointed to find there has been no recent activity on my blog. I am very sorry if you have each day turned on your device to find nothing new on my blog. Right now I have been very busy travelling and right now I am in North America! Don't worry: I am promising a new post very soon and a new event for a limited time. Here is a sneak peek to this new event. Try and guess what it is and leave your guess in the comments or just keep it to yourself. 

Here's some more help think about where chipmunks come from. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Baby animals

Which is the cutest baby animal out of these 5?
Kitten (baby cat)
Puppy (baby dog)
Cub (this case meaning baby seal\seal lion)
Baby elephant (I don't know the proper term)
Baby rhino (again don't the term)
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dog and Cat Poem Mania

A snap of the jaws
A crunch of the teeth
The dog in the car
Is getting a flying treat

Here comes the tiger
He's on the stair

The lion's nearby
In the cellar

The leopard's in the shower
Chasing a duck

The cat kingdom has come to stay
In Savannah Hotel for a day

 How would you like a wet soggy nose sniffing
 How would you like a whipping tail thumping
 How would like that little dog who just won't go away

Good morning Tabby
How do you do?

Quite well old Tom
What of you?

I got kicked and thumped
But I'm tough as stump


Well Tabby
How'd you sleep?

I nightmare or two
Though I didn't weep

Yawn. Well I didn't get a wink!

Poem No. 4 is a play on how I woke at 5:00 in the morning

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cats or Dogs?

Cats or Dogs?
I'm on fence
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